The Fast And The Furious (1955)

1955 American Releasing Corporation Directed by John Ireland and Edward Sampson Produced by Roger Corman Written by Jean Howell and Jerome Odlum from a story by Roger Corman Last year my Better In The Dark co-host Thomas Deja and I got the idea for a theme for the summer of 2012 which we called “The […]

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Better In The Dark #130

Episode 130: THE GENTLEMAN WITH BLOOD IN HIS TEETH–A CELEBRATION OF CHRISTOPHER LEE It’s time to induct the latest member of our Hall of Great, Great Men….and just in time for his 90th birthday, the Boys Outta Brooklyn raise their glass and honor the great Christopher Lee! Join Tom and Derrick as they explain why […]

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Better In The Dark #129

    Episode 129: DIRECTOR’S COURT–THE CASE OF TIM BURTON Just as his latest collaboration with Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows, reaches the theaters (and that might be part of the problem), The Boys Outta Brooklyn reconvenes Director’s Court to pass judgement on Tim Burton. Tom and Derrick cover the man’s entire career and try to […]

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Better In The Dark #127

Episode 127: NOT ALL BAD DOGS HOWL AT THE MOON–THE CAREER OF JAMES WOODS We celebrate the latest inductee to our Hall Of Great, Great Men by discussing one of the greatest sunuvabitches of all time! We examine James Woods’ life, dissecting some of The Boys Outta Brooklyn’s greatest roles and figuring out why he’s […]

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Better In The Dark # 54

    BETTER IN THE DARK #54: INTO THE COLD, DARK WOODS In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn look at a point in the history of Disney where the company was losing money and the urge to experiment was high. From the big-budget science fictioner The Black Hole to the ground-breaking Tron to the […]

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Better In The Dark #120

  Episode 120: MOVIEGOING USA 2011 EDITION The Guys Outta Brooklyn once again steps out of the film room to examine the theaters they’re shown in, as Tom and Derrick discuss such things as the influence of 3D and Blu-Ray on filmmaking, the switch from film to digital projection, the film as product and other […]

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