Mister Buddwing

 1966 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Directed by Delbert Mann Produced by Delbert Mann and Douglas Lawrence Screenplay by Dale Wasserman Based on the novel “Buddwing” by Evan Hunter James Garner was one of the most liked, best respected and just plain real people working in Hollywood in his day.  I feel like he’s a friend since I remember […]

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Shock Corridor

1963 Allied Artists Written, Directed and Produced by Samuel Fuller Samuel Fuller is one of my heroes.  A man of staggering talent as a novelist, screenwriter and director, his films are among my favorite because they’re flat out pulp.  Sometimes lurid pulp, sure.  But isn’t that the best kind?  I like Mr. Fuller’s movies a […]

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Barton Fink

1991 20th Century Fox Directed by Joel Coen Written by Ethan and Joel Coen Produced by Ethan Coen Joel and Ethan Coen are quite simply masters at what they do; which is making entertaining movies that have a lot more going on than you see the first time. They’ve made some of my favorite films […]

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Frankie & Alice

2011 Freestyle Releasing Directed by Geoffrey Sax Produced by Halle Berry Screenplay by Mary King and Joe Shrapnel Based on a story by Oscar Janigier and Philip Goldberg Halle Berry as an actress is a source of enormous frustration to me.  When she buckles down and does the work she can be a truly compelling […]

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