Under The Cherry Moon

1986 Warner Bros. Directed by Prince Produced by Robert Cavallo, Stephen Fargnoli and Joseph Ruffalo Written by Becky Johnston Cinematography by Michael Ballhaus Edited by Eva Gardos/Rebecca Ross Music by Prince and The Revolution As long as UNDER THE CHERRY MOON stays with being a playful, goofy romantic musical set in the south of France […]

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Sarah’s Key

2010 Hugo Productions Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner Produced by Stephanie Marsil Screenplay by Gilles Pauet-Brenner and Serge Joncour Based on the novel by Tatiana DeRosnay SARAH’S KEY starts off in the most charming way: two children, a boy and a girl are playing, tickling each other and just enjoying being children.  Their play is interrupted […]

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