Deepwater Horizon

2017 Participant Media/DiBonaventura Pictures/Summit Entertainment/Closest to the Hole Productions/Leverage Entertainment Directed by Peter Berg Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura/Mark Vahradian/Mark Wahlberg/Stephen Levinson/David Womark Screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan/Matthew Sand Story by Matthew Sand Based on “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours” by David Barstow/David Rohde/Stephanie Saul If Irwin Allen had made DEEPWATER HORIZON he’d have given us […]

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Mary Reilly

1996 TriStar Directed by Stephen Frears Produced by Norma Heyman, Nancy Graham Tanen and Ned Tanen Screenplay by Christopher Hampton Based on the novel by Valerie Martin Music by George Fenton Cinematography by Phillipe Rousselot Edited by Leslie Walker I’ve never been much impressed by Julia Roberts in terms of her looks as she resembles […]

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Con Air

1997 Touchstone Pictures / Jerry Bruckheimer Films Directed by Simon West Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Screenplay by Scott Rosenberg The surest sign that a movie is boring me or isn’t making sense to me is this: I start rewriting it in my mind while I’m watching it and recently I watched CON AIR for the […]

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