Golden Needles

1974 American International Pictures Directed by Robert Clouse Produced by Fred Weintraub Written by S. Lee Pogostin and Sylvia Schneble Cinematography by Gil Hubbs Edited by Michael Kahn Music by Lalo Schifrin “In China during The Sung Dynasty; a single golden statue was cast for the use of The Emperor. It indicated seven forbidden acupuncture […]

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Hot Potato

1976 Warner Bros. Pictures Directed and Written by Oscar Williams Produced by Fred Weintraub and Paul Heller Cinematography by Ronald Garcia Edited by Peter E. Berger Jim Kelly’s “Black Belt Jones” was such a beloved Blaxplotation/Martial Arts Movie hit and so enjoyed by so many people that over the years that whenever I get into […]

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Black Belt Jones

BLACK BELT JONES 1974 Warner Brothers Directed by Robert Clouse Produced by Fred Weintraub Written by Fred Weintraub and Oscar Williams Cinematography by Kent L. Wakeford Edited by Michael Kahn Music by Luchi DeJesus When it comes to the subject of martial arts movies there isn’t a sane human being alive that would argue that […]

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Three The Hard Way

1974 Allied Artists Produced by Harry Bernson Directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. Written by Eric Bercovici and Jerrold L. Ludwig Music by The Impressions Here’s where we throw anything resembling objective film criticism out of the window, friends.  You see, we’re dealing with THREE THE HARD WAY here, which is a top shelf example of […]

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