Enter The Ninja

1981 Cannon Films/MGM/UA Directed by Menahem Golan Produced by Yoram Globus & Menahem Golan Written by Dick Desmond/Story by Mike Stone Music by W. Michael Lewis/Laurin Rinder Cinematography by David Gurfinkel Edited by Michael J. Duthie/Mark Goldblatt I can hear some wise ass in the back saying; “If this is the first movie in the […]

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The Rat Patrol

Created by Tom Gries Produced by Mirisch-Rich Television Productions Tom Gries Productions United Artists Television Original Run: September 1966-March 1968 58 Episodes A very big influence in what I watch in movies and on television and in what I write was my father’s taste in movies, television and books, God bless him.  It was my […]

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