1984 Cannon Films/MGM/UA Entertainment Company Directed by Joel Silberg Produced by Allen DeBevoise/David Zito Screenplay by Charles Parker/Allen DeBevoise/Gerald Scaife Music by Michael Boyd/Gary Remal Cinematography by Hanania Baer Edited by Larry Bock/Gib Jaffe/Vincent Sklena Those of you who have listened to episodes of Better In the Dark where Tom Deja and I talk about […]

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The Cotton Club

1984 Zoetrope Studios Directed by Francis Ford Coppola Produced by Robert Evans Story And Screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola, William Kennedy and Mario Puzo It seems as if anytime movie fans get together and talk about great gangster/crime movies they’ll mention “The Godfather Trilogy” “Scarface” “Bonnie & Clyde” ”The Untouchables” “Once Upon A Time In America” […]

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Assassination Tango

2002 United Artists/American Zoetrope Written and Directed by Robert Duvall Produced by Robert Duvall and Rob Carliner It’s kinda difficult to categorize exactly what ASSASSINATION TANGO is all about.  It’s got Old Time Tough gangsters, hit men and political intrigue.  It’s also got beautiful women and handsome men in Buenos Aires dancing the tango.  A […]

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