Truck Turner

1974 American International Pictures Produced by Fred Weintraub Directed by Jonathan Kaplan Written by Michael Allin/Oscar Williams Based on a story by Jerry Wilkes Music by Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes will probably always be remembered as the composer of the score for “Shaft” and with good reason. The “Shaft” theme song is as recognizable and […]

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Cotton Comes To Harlem

1970 United Artists/Formosa Productions Directed by Ossie Davis Produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Written by Ossie Davis and Arnold Perl Based on the novel by Chester Himes Music by Galt MacDermot Cinematography by Gerald Hirschfeld Edited by Robert Q. Lovett A lot of people will ask me as what my influences were as a writer […]

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Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia

1974 United Artists Directed by Sam Peckinpah Produced by Martin Baum Screenplay by Sam Peckinpah and Gordon T. Dawson Story by Sam Peckinpah and Frank Kowalski Music by Jerry Fielding Cinematography by Alex Phillips, Jr. Edited by Garth Craven/Robbe Roberts/Sergio Ortega/Dennis E. Dolan A young pregnant girl is ushered into the cavernous den of her […]

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Mr. Majestyk

1974 MGM/United Artists Produced by Walter Mirisch Directed by Richard Fleischer Written by Elmore Leonard Music by Charles Bernstein  Cinematography by Richard H. Kline Edited by Ralph E. Winters I don’t think anybody will be surprised when I say that Charles Bronson is one of my favorite actors of the group that I call “Old […]

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