My Least Favorite Movies of 2018

Seems like it’s that time of year again, right?

You know what I mean. Every movie reviewer on the blessed planet is putting together a list of what they think are the Best and Worst movies of the year. It’s just the thing to do. But here’s the thing; you put a two dozen people in a room and ask them to write out lists of what they think are the Best and Worst movies of that year and the chances are that you’ll end up with two dozen different lists. And it’s a sure bet that one person’s Best Movie will be on somebody else Worst Movie and vice versa.

Me, that’s why I just like to make of list of the movies that were My Favorite and My Least Favorite. It just makes more sense to me to just point to the movies that disappointed me for whatever reason and give one last standing ovation to the movies that gave me the biggest bang for my entertainment bucks.

But if I did have to single out a Worst Movie of 2018 it would have to be A WRINKLE IN TIME. It’s been one of my all time favorite books ever since I read it back in elementary school and the disappointment I felt at seeing it was so profound I can barely describe it.

So we start off with My Least Favorite Movies of 2018 because I like to leave the year on a positive tip. Tomorrow or Monday I’ll put up My Favorite Movies. Enjoy and thank you for your time and attention.


A Wrinkle In Time




How It Ends

Outlaw King

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ready Player One

Red Sparrow

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Tomb Raider


4 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Movies of 2018

    1. GOTTI is never boring I’ll say that. John Travolta doesn’t leave a piece of scenery unchewed and he’s obviously having a lot of fun as at various times in the course of the movie he appeared to me to be channeling Robert DeNiro, Tony LoBianco and Al Pacino to represent John Gotti at different stages of his career.

      There’s not really a story as I suppose the filmmakers just assumed that people are so familiar with the John Gotti story that they could simply throw up a bunch of major incidents in his life on the screen with the barest of connections.

      And this is without a doubt one of the goofiest mob movies I’ve ever seen. About thirty minutes in I was convinced that this actually was supposed to be a spoof/satire/parody of mob movies.

      HOSTILES is not only boring, it’s turgidly pretentious as well.

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