Keanu: Guest Review by Sean E. Ali

Once again Sean E. Ali is back with another guest review. This is the second one he’s done for The Ferguson Theater. He did one for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” and if you like this one then by all means go and check that one out. Mr. Ali, if you please…

Possibly the most fun I’ve had watching the story of a kitten and the company he keeps…

If you’re a fan of Key & Peele, this is right up your alley…


…or if you ever wondered what would happen if Cheech and Chong were in New Jack City, you might enjoy it…

…or if you love post Wham George Michael, then you’ve got a good reason to go.

No, seriously, George Michael is all over this one and it’s pretty hilarious when done right.

It’s a 10 minute skit stretched out to ten times that amount, with a couple of fish out of water in as absurdly stretched reasoning as you’re gonna get to go back to gangsta thug parody…

…but honestly, you’re not going to this for a plot, so check your brain at the door and don’t look for logic and it should work out fine…

KEANU‘s that silly comedy to escape to with a bunch of folks who are all way too possessive of the cutest kitten on film this week.


You’ll either love it or you’ll get a little bored with it because it’s a reliable cliché on a low budget…

Me? I’m in the first part; it was just funny enough despite knowing what was coming pretty much the whole way through.

You’ll go, you’ll enjoy it, and it’ll reset your brain so you’re ready for “Captain America: Civil War” to blow you out of your seat next weekend…


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