Authors Anonymous

2014 Bull Market Entertainment/Forever Sunny Productions/Screen Media Films/Starz Digital Directed by Ellie Kanner Produced by Ellie Kanner and Hal Schwartz Written by David Congalton Being a writer myself (Hey, I heard that snickering in the back! You there! You get your coat  and get out right now!) I’m always on the lookout for movies about […]

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Jupiter Ascending

2015 Village Roadshow Pictures/Anarchos Productions/Warner Bros./Roadshow Entertainment Written and Directed by The Wachowskis Produced by Grant Hill and The Wachowskis When it comes to The Wachowskis I think it’s only fair to tell you that their track record with me has been up and down. I really liked “Bound” but thought that “Cloud Atlas” was […]

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