TV Theme Song Fever: Part 2

Hey, how you doin’?  Hope everything is well with you and yours and I’m glad to see you’ve decided to come on back.  Stay awhile and let’s have some fun, okay?

You may remember a post I made a few days back: TV THEME SONG FEVER where I put up some videos of some of my favorite TV theme songs.  The response took me by surprise, to say the least.  Mostly it was you guys demanding to know why I left out this theme song or that one or to remind me of some that I had forgotten.  So I decided to do it again and so here we go with TV THEME SONG FEVER: PART 2!

This is a theme song I can’t believe I forgot the first time around as it’s one of the true classic TV theme songs.  And so ingrained in pop culture are THE JEFFERSONS that nowadays, whenever somebody becomes a success or moves into a bigger, better house, we say that they’re “Movin’ on up like George an’ Weezie”  This isn’t the original or even the intro as for some reason it’s virtually impossible to find.  But it’s a good cover of the song.  Enjoy.

In the interest of full disclosure I must confess to having a pervy old man crush on Mayim Bialik back her BLOSSOM days.  I am so happy to see her back on TV in THE BIG BANG THEORY.  The theme song for BLOSSOM was done by Dr. John, of all people.

This is one of those TV theme songs I can’t believe I forgot as I was such a huge S.W.A.T. fan back in the day.  I even liked the movie.

This is another theme song I forgot and this one I really should be taken out back of the barn and hosswhipped as THE FALL GUY has one of the absolute best theme songs of all time.  Sung by none other than the star of the show himself, Lee Majors who really ain’t bad at singing at all.  Somebody needs to get hold of Mark Valley and put him in a brand new FALL GUY series like right now

And this one needs no intro from me.  Quite frankly, that would spoil it’s glory.

When I was informed that I had to be a blithering idiot for not including the theme song to DOCTOR WHO I determined that it would be included in Part 2.  But which DOCTOR WHO theme?  It’s gone through some slight changes and tweaks here and there, regenerating much like The Doctor himself into different arraignments but still recognizable as the beloved theme song that has become as iconic as the John Shaft theme song or the Indiana Jones march or the James Bond theme.  Fortunately this video has all of them.

This is one of those shows that even though you may not ever have seen a single episode, you can sing the theme song.

This is a show I watched during it’s original run and I’m not ashamed to say I still watch the reruns to this day.  It’s one of those shows that like “The Honeymooners” and “I Love Lucy” we’ll still be watching 50 years from now.  It’s just that good, funny and honest.

I miss Bea Arthur.  The theme song was sung by the great, great Donny Hathaway

MONK is without a doubt one of the best detective shows ever.  And it had two of the best theme songs ever.  I loved both the first one with the mandolin and the second one, written and sung by Randy Newman.  But when it was changed, it set off a mini-war among MONK fans as to which one was better.  There was even a memorable episode guest-starring Sarah Silverman where the Monk Theme Song War was addressed.  Me, I like ’em both so you’re going to get both:

And here’s the version of “It’s A Jungle Out There” that was done by Snoop Dogg when he guest-starred on an episode of MONK.

And I think we’ll end this with what I think everybody can agree is the undisputed King of TV Theme Songs:

5 thoughts on “TV Theme Song Fever: Part 2

  1. These are great posts and terrific songs! I’m going to have several earworms rattling around in my head today because of them…

    I gotta say that if you DO do a part 3, my vote would have to be the themes for “Miami Vice” and “Street Hawk”, Both are really 80’s-tastic: the theme for “Vice” is just iconic, and “Street HawK” (aka “Le Parc” by Tangerine Dream) is just fun, propulsive synth-pop that makes you wanna go really fast…

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