Better In The Dark #122: Director’s Court–The Case of Zack Synder

Episode 122: DIRECTOR’S COURT–THE CASE OF ZACK SNYDER (Special Guest: Joel Mangrum)

Court is back in session, as Tom and Derrick welcome special guest judge Joel Mangrum as they put the latest target of geekdom’s rage in the docket! Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn (and the One Outta Cali) as they evaluate the reasons behind the recent backlash, whether Snyder should have done Sucker Punch when he did, his reliance on certain cinematic tropes, and his impending reworking of Superman, Man of Steel. Plus old gals who are still hella hot, an investigation into why writer/artists circa 1980 have become hopelessly insane, and a classic BiTD rant–and it’s not from Tom! You don’t want Emily Browning to dance for you (or maybe you do…)…so get to clicking!

Two Guys Outta Brooklyn Talk Movies
Silver Age Comics Through Modern Eyes
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