1977 20th Century Fox Directed by Clive Donner Produced by Gene Roddenberry, Gordon Scott and Danny Steinmann Written by Samuel A. Peeples and Gene Roddenberry Based on a story by Gene Roddenberry It’s safe to say that Gene Roddenberry needs no introduction. In this Internet day and age is it possible there are those who […]

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The Spirit

2008 Lionsgate Entertainment Directed and Written for the screen by Frank Miller Produced by Michael Uslan I’d have probably been able to swallow this version THE SPIRIT a lot more if Frank Miller hadn’t come out with interviews where he claimed that Will Eisner himself would have approved of this movie.  Y’know, if you’re going […]

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Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

1961 20th Century Fox Directed and Produced by Irwin Allen Written by Irwin Allen and Charles Bennett Music by Paul Sawtell/Bert Shefter Cinematography by Winton Hoch Edited by George Boemler  Not too long ago I was in a discussion with some friends who asked me if I had a chance to remake any movie with […]

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  2009 Walt Disney Pictures Directed by Hoyt Yeatman Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Screenplay by Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley Based on a story by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio   When it comes to reviewing a movie like G-FORCE I believe that an adult reviewer is better off watching it with the age appropriate […]

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